verb (past and past participle stood)
1》 be in or rise to an upright position, supported by one's feet.
    ↘move somewhere in an upright position.
2》 place or be situated in a particular position.
    ↘(especially of a vehicle) remain stationary.
    ↘(of food, liquid, etc.) rest without disturbance.
    ↘(of a ship) remain on a specified course.
3》 be in a specified state or condition.
    ↘(of a building) remain upright and entire.
    ↘remain valid or unaltered.
    ↘be of a specified height.
4》 adopt a particular attitude towards an issue.
5》 be likely to do something: investors stood to lose heavily.
6》 act in a specified capacity: he stood security for the government's borrowings.
7》 withstand without being damaged.
    ↘[usu. with negative] tolerate or like.
8》 Brit. be a candidate in an election.
9》 provide (food or drink) for (someone) at one's expense.
10》 umpire a cricket match.
11》 (also stand at stud) (of a stallion) be available for breeding.
1》 an attitude towards an issue.
    ↘a determined effort to hold one's ground or resist something.
    ↘Cricket a partnership.
2》 a rack, base, or piece of furniture for holding or displaying something.
    ↘a small stall or booth from which goods are sold or promotional material displayed.
    ↘a raised platform for a band, orchestra, or speaker.
3》 the place where someone usually stands or sits.
    ↘a place where vehicles wait for passengers.
    ↘(also witness stand) a witness box.
4》 a large raised tiered structure for spectators.
5》 a cessation from motion or progress.
6》 a group of trees or other plants.
stand and deliver! a highwayman's order to hand over money and valuables.
stand on one's own (two) feet be or become self-reliant or independent.
stand trial be tried in a court of law.
stand up and be counted state publicly one's support for someone or something.
Phrasal verbs
stand alone be unequalled.
stand by
1》 look on without intervening.
2》 support or remain loyal to.
    ↘adhere to or abide by.
3》 be ready to take action if required.
stand down
1》 (also stand aside) resign from a position or office.
2》 (stand down or stand someone down) relax or cause someone to relax after a state of readiness.
3》 (of a witness) leave the witness box after giving evidence.
stand for
1》 be an abbreviation of or symbol for.
2》 [with negative] endure or tolerate.
stand in
1》 deputize.
2》 Nautical sail closer to the shore.
stand off move or keep away.
Nautical sail further away from the shore.
stand on
1》 be scrupulous in the observance of.
2》 Nautical continue on the same course.
stand out
1》 project.
    ↘be easily noticeable.
    ↘be clearly better.
2》 persist in opposition to or support of something.
stand over (or stand something over) be postponed or postpone something.
stand to Military stand ready for an attack.
stand someone up informal fail to keep a date.
stand up for speak or act in support of.
stand up to
1》 make a spirited defence against.
2》 be resistant to the harmful effects of.
stander noun
OE standan (v.), stand (n.), of Gmc origin; related to stead.
The use of the past participle stood with the verb ‘to be’, as in we were stood in a line for hours, is not acceptable in standard English. The present participle standing should be used instead. See also usage at sit.

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